Digitization in Mexico is making quick progress. Whereas in 2018 only 23% of the companies located in Mexico implemented digitalization platforms as part of their business, the figure has increased up to 69% since the pandemic in 2020. Digital services were once limited to certain economy sectors; however, they are now becoming more and more important in all sectors.

Corporate culture is making a huge contribution

The transformation of many Mexican companies is also playing a major role in this development. Corporate culture, company’s leadership as well as recruiting are those areas of the organization in which digitalization and introduction of new programs as well as artificial intelligence are progressing very quickly.

The programmer standing as the country’s future

Programmers and computer developers are becoming more and more important in the companies. Their work represents an important income source for the companies and their performance is having a direct impact on the economy. According to a study by the “Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet” (ISDI) (Institute of Advanced Internet Development (ISDI)), more and more companies are looking for specialists to develop and implement digital processes in the company. This is the only way to guarantee a sustainable growth for an organization.


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