WMP Consulting Services is a business consulting firm specialized in location, market, and market entry analysis, risk management, and search for business partners in Mexico.

The right location determines your success

Depending on your plans, selecting your business location may have a significant impact on your business’s success. Therefore, we do not only offer you support in the search for a suitable production site, but also find the suitable real estate or a competent construction company for you.

In order to ensure yours having a better picture of the numerous production centers in Mexico, we will accompany you on a tour to the several industrial parks in the area.

We support you with communication, suppliers search, market analysis and a hands-on mentality. Our on-site expertise will save you valuable time and offer you an overview of the various possibilities in Mexico in advance.

Adapting to your ideas regarding price, space and necessary equipment, we will conduct appropriate discussions beforehand and support you during the negotiation process.

Searching for real state

Whether it’s a factory, warehouse or office, we’ll be happy to advise you on building specifications and present you a range of options. Further, we connect with competent architects and construction companies and help you with the following steps, such as negotiating the pertaining contracts.

Searching for commercial partners in Mexico

WMP Mexico Advisors will also gladly assist you in your search for potential business partners. During an organized tour, we will be happy to combine location search for your project with a visit to foreign companies which have already successfully entered the market.

In addition to valuable advice, you will also receive first-hand expertise on the challenges, opportunities, and ways of communication in the Mexican market.

Depending on your schedule, we will be pleased to arrange an appointment with different governmental institutions which also provide numerous information regarding investment, taxes, and several government programs; this will also serve as an opportunity to clarify any of your questions directly with local authorities.

Market entry strategies for your company in Mexico

Taking into account your individual opportunities and challenges, we will jointly develop an entry strategy for the local market that is precisely and sustainably adapted to your goals.

Benefit from our more than 15 years of experience in the Mexican market. Our extensive network of contacts and relationships guarantees you a fundamental competitive advantage when searching for suitable business partners and suppliers.

Risk management for the Mexican market

Thanks to targeted market analysis, we are able to avoid potential problems in the start-up phase and assure you a pleasant and smooth market entry.

Our several years of experience additionally minimizes the risk of investing in a new and unknown market.

Individual project management

Thanks to our local knowledge, we manage individual projects, quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, we accompany them with our intercultural expertise, not to mention our hands-on mentality, acquired through more than ten years in the Mexican market.