El Día de muertos, tradition and celebration in Mexico

Since October 28, the Day of the Dead 2022 altar began to be placed in Mexico, one of the greatest representations of the holiday. This date represents the return of someone rather than the absence of that person, it is for that reason that people who are no longer with an offering containing images, a cross, a copal and incense, candles, water, flowers, skulls, food, bread and alcoholic beverages, among other things is received.

It is a tradition that dates back to pre-Hispanic times, in which the residents of Mexican territory pay homage to the deceased during the first two days of November. On the first, young people are generally commemorated and on the second, dedications are directed to adults.

On both days, family groups usually visit their loved ones in the cemeteries accompanied by music, food and drinks. In the states of the Republic, the festivities vary in terms of the elements used and the ways in which the deceased are remembered. This celebration is not only carried out in Mexico, as it is also replicated in countries such as Guatemala, United States, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Peru.

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