Mexico-U.S. relations, a world of opportunity for the automotive industry

In 2023, Mexico and the United States will celebrate the 200th anniversary of their bilateral relationship. Over time, this relationship has strengthened both nations and led to shared prosperity and economic growth. Trade relations with the United States play a central role in the Mexican economy, bringing investment, employment, development and prosperity. These relations have benefited various sectors, including the automotive sector.

The Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA) is confident that this agreement will provide unique opportunities for Mexico, incentivize investment and promote the country’s competitiveness.

The Panel’s decision on the rules of origin of the automotive sector under the T-MEC, published on January 11 of this year, is of the utmost importance for the industry and the trilateral relationship, as it provides certainty not only about the agreement, but also about the correct application of its rules, giving companies the security to continue investing in the Mexican automotive sector. It is certain that bilateral relations will continue to strengthen and that both countries will continue to benefit from their geographical proximity and the opportunities that regionalization brings.

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