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The Mexican Institute of Competitiveness recently released the 2023 results of the State Competitiveness Index 2023 (ICE), in which Querétaro is among the top three entities evaluated.

“The State Competitiveness Index 2023 (ICE) measures the capacity of entities to generate, attract and retain talent and investment. A competitive state is one that achieves the conditions and capabilities for sustainable development of both human and physical capital.” (IMCO)

The conditions provided by this type of study have to do with the supply of basic resources for production such as: energy, space, connectivity, education, training, professionals, services in general, among others. One of the advantages of nearshoring is precisely competitiveness, as this investment model seeks to relocate production chains on fertile ground.

To remain an attractive entity for investment is a challenge, and represents a great job for the manufacturing industry, governments and society itself. Mexico is characterised, among other things, by its workforce, technology and economic development.