Latin America’s Most Important Digital Hub: Querétaro

The Mexican state of Querétaro has become the hotspot for data centers in Latin America. The region has attracted the interest of foreign and national investors and is on its way to becoming the center for Industry 4.0 in the region.

For the second consecutive year, Querétaro was the only Latin American country mentioned in the Global Data Center Market Comparison report by data center consulting group, Cushman & Wakefields. The report annually presents the most important information and data processing centers in the world and analyzes their potential. Already known for great success in the automotive and aerospace industries, Querétaro is now expanding other sectors of the economy.

Above all, the state’s favorable location in the economic center of Bajío and its proximity to the capital of Mexico are appreciated by investors in the IT industry. A plus for the region is also its safety from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes, which are a constant threat in other regions of the country. The state also has a secure electricity and water supply, as well as a modern fiber optic infrastructure. Additionally, Querétaro has been educating more students in science, computer science and mathematics than any other region in Mexico.

In total, Querétaro is home to more than 150 information technology companies, including Microsoft, Santander and Banamex, among others. Constant demand for new digital solutions and cloud services is fueling the region’s growth. The steady expansion of the sector is also largely due to supportive policies. Several projects of further improvement of digital infrastructure and enforcement of the Digital Revolution are already underway. However, there are also some difficulties. Such a large concentration of data centers can trigger problems in energy supply in the long run. Likewise, it could lead to growing competition in the licensing process of new projects and thus to delays in work.

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