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Green projects

Sustainable green projects have emerged as a transformative force in various industries. The strengthening of renewable energies and the maximum use of natural resources, as well as caring for the environment, are trends that are favoring ecosystems around the world. Initiatives from institutions, companies and the government promote greater efficiency in the use of goods and the transformation of resources. These initiatives not only seek to reduce the environmental footprint, but also to generate efficiency and resilience at the business level. There are civil society organizations that offer proposals for sustainable development whose efforts are focused on the responsible use and care of natural resources.

Other institutions are doing their bit, such as the World Bank Group (WB), which -has a clear role to play in supporting its client countries to be prepared for a resilient low-carbon transition, enabling them to build climate-smart economies that are green, resilient and inclusive. (World, 2022).

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP23) is a relevant forum where voices are heard in favor of the environment. A space where urgent situations that require concrete actions for a sustainable future are raised.