The Mexican government promotes more infrastructure project

Mexican President López Obrador shared new data on strengthening and investing in port infrastructure in his fourth government report. In general, the Municipality of Mexico City stated that they have been able to record a significant debt reduction without jeopardizing their large investments in infrastructure projects. Port infrastructure, in particular, has been expanded, and investments in this area have risen sharply in the last four years, they said.

In addition, Querétaro has seen a significant acceleration in the development of residential and industrial real estate. The establishment of various industries has fostered sustained economic growth in the state, which has significantly increased the quality of life for residents. This creates excellent opportunities for the construction of efficient and innovative spaces where people can live, work, play sports and relax. The Xendric District planned for Juriquilla is the first business district to put this idea into practice. Xendric Dristrict will be the first integrated commercial and residential complex in Querétaro, scheduled to open in 2025.

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