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International Women’s Day

The recognition of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political progress throughout history and globally is highlighted annually on March 8th to continuously promote women’s rights. While progress has been made in fostering inclusion and diversity in the business and industrial sectors, challenges persist.

We have observed an increase in women’s participation in leadership positions across various industries. It is becoming increasingly common for women to occupy key positions traditionally dominated by men, especially in fields such as technology, manufacturing, and engineering. This progress is the result of long-standing efforts to secure fundamental rights and increasing recognition from companies, as well as the significant benefits derived from diverse teams.

Although gender pay disparity remains relevant and gender biases and discriminatory practices that limit opportunities persist, women are increasingly recognized for their contributions to developing solutions and fostering an inclusive and equitable work culture.

Promoting and supporting the presence of women at all levels of leadership, from entry-level to top management, and ensuring their participation in decision-making processes not only contributes to the individual success of women but also to the success of organizations by leveraging available talent equitably.