Mexico´s economic growth

Mexico´s economic growth is one of the highest of the G20 countries

According to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) Mexico is among the six G20 - countries with the strongest economic growth during the first quarter of 2018. Compared to the previous year the gross domestic…
The vision of Mexico 2030

The Vision of Mexico 2030

What is the Vision of Mexico 2030? What are the contents and goals? And who is the organization behind? In 2012, the organization Executive Board of Global Companies (Consejo Ejecutivo de Empresas Globales = CEEG) defined a competitiveness…
Foreign Trade in Mexico

Foreign trade in Mexico

What about the current import and export situation from the Mexican point of view? Which goods have the highest demand for import and export and which are the reasons for the import strength of Mexico? Compared to other Latin American…

Influencing factors of the Mexican economy

What are the factors influencing the Mexican economy and what potential do they hold for possible FDIs? Important factors are listed and structured below in internal and external categories of the SWOT analysis. Internal factors Strengths …
Electromobility in Mexico

Electromobility in Mexico – Part 3: Charging Infrastructure

What about electromobility in Mexico? Does it exist? The third part of the blog provides an overview of the charging infrastructure. The infrastructure is given, now only an increased demand for e-cars is missing. Comparatively many charging…
New trade agreement between the EU and Mexico
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New trade agreement between the EU and Mexico

The European Commission announced last Saturday, that Mexico and the European Union had reached a new trade agreement. Further details will be published soon. About three years ago it was decided to optimize the trade relations between Mexico…
Electromobility in Mexico

Electromobility in Mexico – Part 2: Local manufacturers

What about electromobility in Mexico? Does it even exist? The second part of the blog about electromobility in Mexico informs about local manufacturers.   Not only foreign companies like Ford and Audi have plans to relocate the…
Food made in Mexico

Food “Made in Mexico” – a business opportunity for German companies

What potential has the increased demand for Mexican food? How can German companies benefit? We take a closer look at the filling and packaging industry.   The value of exported drinks and food in 2016 was about $ 10 billion US Dollar.…
Audi A7 Made in Mexico

Audi A7 “made in Mexico”?

News from the automotive industry in Mexico: At the beginning of the week, we received the news about a possible relocation of production of the Audi A7 Sportsback to Mexico. What is the speculation about? What significance would this have for…
Hyperloop in Mexico

In 13 minutes from Querétaro to Mexico City

The construction of the Hyperloop in Mexico will start this year and will connect Mexico City and Guadalajara, the second largest city of the country.   Backround information The project of the worldly Hyperloops comes from…