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Women is industry

We cannot end this month without talking about the commemoration of International Women’s Day. We believe that it is essential to make women’s participation visible in any field, such as industry. The transformation of the family model, the hiring of women at all organisational levels, the development of new business concepts and other aspects, have pushed society to work in new environments that are equitable. But before we go on, what is the origin of International Women’s Day? Let’s talk a bit about history.
International Women’s Day arose as a result of the demonstration organised by a group of women workers in a textile factory in New York in 1857, who demanded their labour rights at the cost of their lives and at the same time set a precedent that is still being fought for today. This event led to the day being institutionalised in 1910 in Copenhagen, Denmark; but it was not until 1975, within the framework of the First World Conference on Women, that the United Nations (UN) formalised this day.