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Mexico: Investment Magnet

With a population of approximately 130 million people, Mexico is not only attractive as a trade hub but also offers significant potential for the domestic market. Its shared border with the United States makes it the largest trading partner of this country, as its privileged geographical location facilitates maritime trade with both Asia and Europe.

On the other hand, Mexico has established itself as a center for innovation and technological development. Cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City are becoming technology hubs, where startups and multinational companies invest in software development, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

According to the latest report by Solili, Querétaro ranks as the third most common investment destination for the Bajío region at the national level, trailing only Monterrey and Mexico City.

Government investment policies create a conducive business environment and support trade, ultimately contributing to economic growth. Among the factors driving industrial growth in Mexico are variables such as the environment, for which reforms have been implemented in recent years in key areas such as renewable energies, attracting global companies looking to expand in these fields.

Another variable is the economic and social environment of the region, as well as the level of infrastructure, talent and innovation.