Mexico, third place among the most visited countries in 2020

Mexican Flag in Quintana Roo

Despite the Corona pandemic, 25 million tourists visited the Caribbean beaches located nearby Cancún. Is there a benefit for the Mexican tourism sector?


According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico rose from seventh to third place among the most visited countries in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, many beaches and hotels were closed in Mexico. Results were dreadful for no tourists were around and many jobs were lost. With the aim to reactivate the tourist sector, in June, many hotels and beaches incorporated health and safety measures to their protocols. In a matter of weeks, tourists came back.

No Access Restrictions

Around 25.1 million tourists visited Mexico last year. Despite this represents 44 percent decrease compared to the previous year, Mexico performs above average in the international scenario. What lies behind this influx of tourists? Mexico’s borders remained open right from the start of the Corona pandemic. To top it all off, visitors are not required to submit a negative Corona test or be quarantined.

Quintana Roo the most popular tourist destination

Quintana Roo, in particular, has become more and more popular. Caribbean beaches, national parks and the Mayan pyramids attract international tourists. Recently, young Americans, in particular, have now chosen this destination for leisure and recreation along the year and not only during the very famous Spring Break! Last year, despite of economic crisis, popularity of this heavenly destination rose amongst U.S. residents featuring 23 percent increase of travelling and visitors to the Caribbean compared to 2019. On December 30, 129 international flights landed in Cancun that day. Hotels were at 63% capacity.

Specific destinations on behalf of Mexican tourist sector

It seems this is like a breeze of fresh air for Mexican tourism. Whether directly or indirectly, it is estimated that over 7% of Mexicans work for the tourist sector. Tourism is intricately linked to visitors from abroad. For this reason, Mexico has set itself 4 goals to be achieved by 2024 and such goals are to be fulfilled despite Corona: (1) Fair payment for employees in the sector; (2) Fair promotion of Mexico’s tourist destinations; (3) Promotion of diversity; (4) sustainable tourism.

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