Mexico’s Independence Day

On the 16th September, Mexico will celebrate its 212th anniversary of the country’s independence, making it a nationwide holiday.
This day marks the historic event in 1810, when Father Hidalgo, a Mexican Catholic priest, called out for a revolution against the Spanish Conquerors.

After being occupied by the Spanish Empire for over 300 years, 1810 was the year in which the war of independence started, lasting for over 11 years but finally succeeding in 1821. But yet, the independence of Mexico did not signify an economic rise, as the country was left in a poor state with the main areas like agriculture, mining and industrial production having fallen, over half a million Mexicans having died and the country being in immense debt.

It took Mexico until 1876 to be classified as “recovered” again and in 1884 it finally regained access to the international capital market. From this point on, Mexico’s economy has been on the rise, interrupted by the famous “Peso crisis”, but quickly getting over that and becoming one of the world’s most popular countries to invest in.

The Day of Independence in Mexico celebrates the start of Mexico as a free and self-contained country all over its different states and regions. Everyone can feel the joy and pride Mexicans have in their home country and in the days leading up to it, one can observe shops being filled up and decorated in the national colours green, white and red. On the Day of Independence itself, there are food festivals, traditional music and bands, dances and many more festivities that show the beauty of Mexico.

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