NOM 036 – Ergonomic Risk Factors

The Official Mexican Standards are regulations that have been created with the purpose of improving yield production conditions throughout Mexico. There are several types of “NOMS” applicable to different industry sectors such as Healthcare, Production and Labor. The Official Mexican Standards are compulsory in national territory. That is to say that they must be complied with throughout Mexico.

NOM 036 came into force in January 2nd, 2020. The standard is aimed to reduce health risks employees and workers are exposed to as a result of handling loads heavier than 3 kg if not properly trained. Maximum loads vary depending on the age and gender.

In addition, NOM 036 also implies further prevention and/or control measures to a safety procedure aimed to avoid those risks that may be encountered at the workplace.

Since NOM 036 is mandatory, penalties up to 500.000,00 Pesos per employee might be imposed if the employer fails to fulfill the standard procedures thereof.

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