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Similarity successful

While making a phone call, we will have the opportunity to see the other party, there will be kitchen appliances that prepare food and coffee machines. Transport will be possible without a driver at the wheel and overpopulation will be a global problem; the solution to survival as a species will be effective equality between men and women. So predicted Isaac Asimov in an article published in 1964. He predicted that in 50 years this would be possible.

Predictions are the present reaching into the future. In just under 50 years the evolution of technology has transformed the way we live, from what we consume to industrial and economic development. The relationship between robots and humans is a reality, as proposed by the author of I Robot.

“The British firm Oxford Economics estimates that by 2030 robots will absorb 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide, as the inventory of these machines is expected to grow tenfold in the next decade.” The similarity of the Wall-E movie to our reality is strikingly apt. Unbridled consumption drove the Earth into a state of neglect plagued by climate change.