Trends in the economic structure of Mexico

Trends in the economic structure of Mexico

Besides the fast growing industrial sector, the significance of service sectors such as tourism and trade increase significantly. A decrease of the proportion of mining and agriculture in the Mexican economic performance is noted. In the following we will present you the current investment trends in Mexico:

In transition to an industrialized nation

Mexico is on its way to become an industrial nation. The industry´s share of the total Mexican economic output increases constantly. The transition from an economy primarily based on ariculture and raw materials to an industrial nation is especially promoted by the automotive industry. But also, the service industry is remarkably contributes to the positive trend of the economic growth. Until 2020 Mexico wants to produce five million cars annually and become the world’s fifth largest automotive location, while the importance of mining and agriculture declines.

Nevertheless, the country still struggles with typical problems of an emerging market. Consumption is driven by more formal employment situations; however, a large part of the Mexican population still works in the informal sector (more than every second Mexican).

Services: Mexico becomes an increasingly attractive tourist destination

Because of the rising number of tourists, particularly from the countries Canada and the United States but also from Asia and Europe, tourism becomes the most dynamic service sector. Compared to the previous year, an increase of 9% is expected for 2018. This is reflected in the importance of this sector for the entire gross domestic product, accounted more than 60% of the total Mexican GDP. Positive figures in the second quarter of this year were only recorded in the service activities and mitigate the GDP decline to 0.07% (in comparison with the previous quarter). The growth of the service sector and the resulting high demand for labor also leads to positive income structures. The purchase intention thus increasing causes to expand especially high-priced chain stores such as Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro.

The new government plans to win private investors for its railway project “tren maya”. This tourist train will connect the states of Campeche, Yucatán, Chiapas and Tabasco with over 1.500km train route and is supposed to go into operation by 2024. Mexico aims to provide new jobs with this major project, besides increasing the number of tourists.

Growth potential in the oil and gas sector

After Mexico’s energy reform and the elimination of the monopoly of the public energy company Pemex numerous investments currently are flowing in new oil and gas projects. Under the newly elected Government this trend might weaken, nevertheless there is still predicted an increasing trend for the overall production.

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