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Mexico Start-Up Management: Real Estate Search

Mexivo Start-Up Management: Real estate search

After a successful location analysis, the choice for the new company location fell on Mexico. Now it is necessary to search for an adequate real estate. It is highly recommended to visit Mexico before deciding to invest. Not just in order to gain an overview of the available halls and real estates, but also to become familiar with the country, people and the Mexican mentality.

Mexico Real Estate
Due to the high level of foreign investment, particularly in the central regions of Mexico- City, Puebla and the Bajío Region (around Querétaro), the real estate market is very dynamic. Therefore, a decision should be taken as soon as possible when a suitable real estate is found. The real estate can only be reserved for a short period of time. It is worth noting that the availability rate of commercial real estate in Mexico is very low, in fact in the last quarter of 2017 it was only 5.67%.


Industrial Parks
The so-called industrial parks are very common in Mexico, especially for assembler of car manufacturers. Industrial parks are designated, developed industrial areas. They are connected to the strategic infrastructure of the country to attract more foreign direct investors. In addition to traditional storehouses and production halls, industrial parks provide complete infrastructure and equipment, such as water, electrics and telecommunications. Due to their strategic location near main roads and urban areas they provide a good access to markets, suppliers and workers. The quality standard of industrial parks is very high and they are focused on security and sustainability.


Due to the multitude of providers, it is often difficult to quickly gain an overview. Whatever you may be looking for, be it factory buildings, warehouses or offices, we will be happy to advise you on building specifications and offer you different options, and supporting you through the next steps such as contractual negotiations.


The team of WMP Mexico Advisors is pleased to assist you in the following steps:

  1. Creating a profile of requirements containing the most important factors for your business.
  2. Searching for the adequate property.
  3. Compiling the best real estate options.
  4. Organizing a round trip to visit the various options.
  5. Supporting in rent or purchase negotiations.
  6. Preparation of contracts and contract review.
  7. Connecting you with competent architects and construction companies.


Contact: Mr. Finn Neugebauer, neugebauer@wmp.mx