Why do WMP Mexico Advisors rely on an assorted team?

“Men tend to be risk-takers, women tend to be risk-opposers” – It is a truthful cliché, even in professional life. If both genders are equally represented within the company, resulting decisions will be made in a more balanced and better way.

Above-average number of women at WMP Mexico Advisors

This is the reason why more and more employers are choosing gender-combined teams, even without women’s quota. Accounting for 66%, WMP Mexico Advisors are now employing an above-average number of women. For WMP founder and CEO Thomas Wagner, there are several reasons for this. “Women often perform better in job interviews for they show a better attitude, and their personality often fits better into the team,” says Thomas Wagner. Furthermore, every team should mirror the society. “Living together and working well together only works in assorted teams with people from different backgrounds – the team has to be coherent and that only works if we are more focused on attitude, traits and character than on whether candidates fully meet all the requirements”, says Wagner.

Advantages for companies with women in management positions

Many women hired by WMP Mexico Advisors now occupy leading positions – this certainly brings great benefits and opportunities for companies and this has been recently confirmed in a study published by Harvard Business Review. In fact, companies having women in leading positions are not only more profitable, but also more socially responsible. They are able to quickly adapt to changes while taking fewer risks.