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Data Centres, Mexico’s technology industry

The growth of e-commerce, the demand for cloud-based data storage services, the arrival of large enterprises and other significant digital service needs have placed data centres in the spotlight of the technology industry in Mexico. Promoting the:

– Economy
– Productivity
– Sustainability

Transforming economies and inspiring future generations is an effect of the development of the world’s technology industry. It is everyday data. Mexico has become a key location to establish data centres due to its proximity to the United States and Latin America; it has also invested in the infrastructure and connectivity required by the demand. The main cities that have hosted this asset are: Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City and Querétaro, the latter of which has become the hub for data centres in the country.

The Mexican Association of Data Centres (MEXDC) was created with the aim of promoting data centres, and its charter was signed in Querétaro. Among the data centres located in Mexico are:
– Oracle
– Google
– Microsoft
– Amazon
– Odata

Technology has proven to be a key factor for success. It modernises industries, the economy and society. It even represents a major challenge in participating in the reduction of emissions. It is a revolution that engages robust challenges that support the growth of industry, but also requires to be implemented with