Electromobility in Mexico – Part 3: Charging Infrastructure

What about electromobility in Mexico? Does it exist? The third part of the blog provides an overview of the charging infrastructure.

The infrastructure is given, now only an increased demand for e-cars is missing. Comparatively many charging stations already exist, especially in and around the capital region. Tesla and ChargeNow, the two major suppliers, are currently coming together at over 850 stations throughout Mexico.


The car manufacturers BMW and Nissan as well as other partners operate the charging network ChargeNow. Furthermore, the national power company CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) for example is among the partners. The network is currently mostly free of charge and was built by Schneider Electronic and General Electric. With around 440 stations, it is the largest network in the country.

Map of ChargeNow charging stations in Mexico.

Charging stations from Tesla

Around 415 charging stations are operated by the car manufacturer Tesla and thus form the second largest network in Mexico. Some of the self-developed charging stations can also be used by other manufacturers.

The network of charging stations

Because of the comparatively high demand for e-vehicles in and around Mexico City, the charging infrastructure has a high concentration too. In addition, a study published in 2017 by INECC (Instituto Nacional de Ecologia y Cambio Climatico) identified the areas with the highest demand, measured by traffic volume:

  • Along the inner-city ring road (Circuito Interior)
  • Between the city center and the business district of Santa Fe in the west
  • Along the outer ring road at the southeastern section (Anillo Periferico)

In total, Mexico City currently has over 100 charging stations, most of them located in the city center and in the western part of the city.

Preferred placements for charging stations:

  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • Gas stations
  • Office buildings


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