Faces of WMP | WMP Legal

To help you get to know our teams and employees better, from now on we will introduce them to you on our blog. This month, the WMP Legal team.

WMP Legal

WMP Legal is a German-Mexican law firm and part of the WMP Mexico Advisors Group, which has been assisting international, medium-sized companies with all business law issues for over 10 years. The team of WMP Legal consists of 8 consultants of different origins. Our team is therefore happy to advise you in Spanish, English and German in order to explain complex issues in an understandable way and in your mother tongue.

WMP Legal serves over 150 clients from ten different countries in Mexico. Our proximity to our clients’ business operations and our specialisation in corporate law make our law firm your ideal partner. With WMP Legal, you can focus on your day-to-day business with peace of mind, while our lawyers ensure that all operations are in compliance with Mexican law.

The WMP Legal team:

Check out WMP Legal’s website to find out how our consultants can help you with all your legal needs in Mexico. Do not hesitate to contact the WMP Legal team.