Mexico ranked among the 10 countries featuring the highest overseas direct investment.

In 2020, Mexico was ranked 9th amongst the countries featuring foreign direct investment. Moving up 5 places since 2019 according to UNCTAD data. In addition to Mexico, USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden are in the top ten ranking with the highest direct foreign investment.

2019 rank could be achieved in 2022.

In 2021, UNCTAD expects foreign direct investment to increase by 10 to 15 percent. However, the figure would still be 25% below the level achieved in 2019. Current forecasts show a further increase in 2022, which, at forecast high end would bring direct investment back to 2019 levels.

Full recovery dependent on Covid 19 pandemic

Still, FDI depends primarily on Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath: Access to vaccines, viral mutations, and reopening of economic sectors play an important role in development.

Why investing in Mexico now?

Mainly due to the T-MEC and the proximity to the USA, Mexico is an excellent investment location. Besides the automotive industry, Mexico is an also extremely attractive location for companies producing industrial or consumer products. Furthermore, Mexico’s population is extremely young, motivated and well educated. Another advantage is that the borders in Mexico are always open even during the pandemic and there are hardly any travel restrictions in the country.


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