The Vision of Mexico 2030

The vision of Mexico 2030

What is the Vision of Mexico 2030? What are the contents and goals? And who is the organization behind?

In 2012, the organization Executive Board of Global Companies (Consejo Ejecutivo de Empresas Globales = CEEG) defined a competitiveness agenda, which contains long-term proposals for productivity, economic growth and social inclusion. The document visualizes Mexico in the year 2030 and could be used as a guideline to face the opportunities and challenges regarding the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in order to stay competitive in a global context.


Main goals of the Vision of Mexico 2030

  • Global Mexico:
    • Position Mexico among the top five exporters of the world
    • Duplicate labor productivity
  • Inclusive Mexico:
    • Double the per capita GDP and improve its distribution
    • Multiply social development opportunities by creating one million


The Organization

The organization Consejo Ejecutivo de Empresas Globales (CEEG) was founded in 2004 by 50 transnational companies with activities in Mexico. The main function is to create a platform for a permanent dialogue between the government, other business organizations and the civil society.

  • Reason: supports the country to strengthen competitiveness and productiveness
  • Main objectives:
    • Promote a better business environment and enhance Mexico’s competitiveness
    • Boost the country’s capabilities and potential as an attractive destination for foreign investment
    • Encourage sustained and equitable economic growth to reach higher levels of social inclusion and sustainability