Why is Mexico the startup hub of Latin America?

Startups in Mexico

In Latin America, Mexico is considered the most popular country for founders. The main reason being its strategic location and access to the US market. Besides, in comparison to other Latin American countries, Mexico stands as a new-technology and applications frontrunner.

Mexico City as the most popular startup hub

Mexico City is popular, especially among startup founders. This megacity offers a wide range of advantages to young entrepreneurs – the Benito Juarez International Airport features great flight connections among the flights departing daily to the U.S. and Europe thus, connecting young entrepreneurs with customers, investors, and service providers. Another great advantage is Mexico City’s infrastructure – metro, metro bus, and several ride service applications move people from A to B easily. Also, Mexico City’s population is extremely young, which makes it perfect for app test runs!

Jalisco the Mexican “Silicon Valley”

After Mexico City, Guadalajara is the second largest city in the country. For tourists, this region is best known as the cradle of mariachis and sprawling agave fields. For some years now, however, this Western region has also been considered as the Mexican “Silicon Valley”. Over 600 tech companies are based here and an estimate of 80,000 IT experts are settled in the region. The path to becoming Mexico’s IT capital began back in the 80’s and to date many foreign companies have settled down here , and the trend is on the rise!


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