Food “Made in Mexico” – a business opportunity for German companies

What potential has the increased demand for Mexican food? How can German companies benefit? We take a closer look at the filling and packaging industry.


The value of exported drinks and food in 2016 was about $ 10 billion US Dollar. Already at the end of the second quarter of the following year, an increase of 23.5 percent was recorded – an increase is also expected for the current year. Three quarters of the exported goods were for the US market. However, Europe is becoming more and more important too.


Challenges for Mexican companies

In addition, with an increasing export rate, the demand on international standards increases too, in particular regarding to hygiene (e.g. ISO 22000).

This could be an opportunity for German companies in the packaging and filling industry. Today, around 23 percent of the foreign food processing machines are from Germany and 28 percent of packaging machines (June 2017). Not only Mexican SMEs but also large companies should increasingly focus on increasing their competitiveness.


Investments in digitalization and automatization create the following benefits:

  • Long-term cost savings
  • Improvement of hygiene
  • Control of hygiene regulations
  • Equal product quality

Only 35 percent of the Mexican companies invested already in digital workflows and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management information systems, which connects the company with its customers. That is the result of a research, published by Siemens in the end of 2016. Less than 60 percent of the participants want to invest more in digitalization and automatiyation by 2021.

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