Querétaro – The most livable state in Mexico

Mitofsky is a leading Mexican company dedicated to produce representative surveys. Within the scope of the ‘México opina’ Section, 5,236 Mexicans were interviewed regarding their opinion on the 31 Mexican States from 09.-15.01.2020.

Cultural background and landscape were evaluated among other aspects. Scoring Querétaro was 17.1 points, Querétaro was awarded the first position taking over the lead from Guanajuato and Yucatán. Querétaro is also among the top five when it comes to choosing the best city to work.

What makes Querétaro so special?

According to the online magazine Dinero en Imagén, Querétaro is popular mainly because of its good job market. Many national and international companies have settled down in the heart of Mexico over the years. Besides, Querétaro is a very safe state and Santiago de Querétaro; the Capital City is ranked 7th amongst the safest cities in Mexico.

The city itself offers a great number of interesting and beautiful places. Besides the Acueducto de Querétaro, the Centro Histórico of Santiago de Querétaro is also a very popular place among locals and tourists. The various restaurants and cafés, the many museums and historical buildings and the numerous parks make downtown a special place to visit.

Investing in Guanajuato

On the other hand, as for companies is concerned; the State of Guanajuato appears to be particularly attractive for investment. The well-developed infrastructure as well as the large number of employees should be emphasized. Furthermore, conditions in general in the state of Guanajuato are very good for opening a location.

Nevertheless, many other Mexican states repeatedly appear among the top five. For example, Mexico City, Jalisco and Nuevo León.

By the way, according to the survey; the best cuisine can be found in Chiapas.

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