The importance of having an internal working regulation

The internal working regulation is a key document of a company and includes obligations for both, the employer and the employees. This document gives effect to the labor contracts, since the contracts establish the rights and obligations of both parties and the Regulation states how to comply with the provisions of a contract.

As mentioned before, it is important to establish disciplinary measures and procedures that will be followed within the regulation, that they can be applied by the employer in case the employee fails to comply with any of the provisions. Furthermore, the employee knows what kind of penalties to face in case of noncompliance by having the internal working regulation.

The internal working regulation is a document that is being contracted after mutual agreement between both parties. Therefore, it is signed by a mixed commission of representatives of the employer and the employee. In order to be applied, it must be deposited at the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration. This means that a disciplinary measure cannot be applied, if it is not clearly established in the regulation, since the employee is not aware of the penalties he could face.

Although the internal working regulation is not an obligation of the employers, the labor authority may require that it is being exhibited in case of an inspection visit. In the same way, the employees can request a revision, if they do not agree with a certain measure or have the opinion that the action is not in accordance with the law.

Once elaborated, signed and deposited, it is necessary to provide a copy of the regulation to each of the workers and put it in a visible place, that the employee can review it at any time.

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